A dapper Jason Momoa lays down the law in first clip for Netflix movie Slumberland

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Netflix has debuted the first clip for its forthcoming fantasy-adventure movie Slumberland – and it looks fantastically beautiful.

Released during its Tudum 2022 global fan event, Netflix has given us our first proper look at the Jason Momoa-starring family-friendly flick. And, by all accounts, it looks like it’ll make for a rollicking and potential heart-warming Netflix movie.

Check out the extended clip below:

The 80-second clip doesn’t give too much away about the film’s plot, but it does show the solid chemistry that exists between Momoa’s Flip and Marlow Barkley’s Nema. The former has a fun time laying down the rules of Slumberland to his partner-in-crime but, unbeknownst to Flip, there’s more to Nema than meets the eye. Seems like Flip’s got his work cut out in the banter department.

Away from the pair’s natural rapport, Slumberland looks like it could be a beautiful film to watch. Those unfolding chairs, the butterflies building a new dreamworld, and that cute pig toy seem like they’ll have viewers marveling and aww-ing in equal measure.

Based on Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland comic strip, Slumberland will see Nema team up with Flip to try and see her late father Nemo (Kyle Chandler) one last time. Weruche Opia, India de Beaufort, and Chris O’Dowd are among the movie’s supporting cast. Meanwhile, Francis Lawrence – who directed The Hunger Games films – is on directorial duties, with the film’s script penned by David Guion and Michael Handelman (both Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb).

Netflix is set to release Slumberland in time for Thanksgiving (November 24), with the flick due to arrive on the streaming service on November 18. 

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