Activision faces an uphill battle nuking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay from the internet

Premature launch.

Activision is working to nuke leaked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gameplay footage from the internet as copies of the game make their way to customers ahead of the official release date.

Over the weekend we reported on how the Call of Duty community was bracing itself for campaign spoilers after copies of Modern Warfare were spotted in the wild.

Now, two days before the official release of the game, the dam has well and truly burst, with footage of the campaign, multiplayer and other parts of the game flooding the internet. Players have picked up on unnanounced maps:

Cancelled Map from COD 4 “Hill” is in MW2019 from r/modernwarfare

Watches with killstreak counters:

This was taken from u/Senescallo’s video but it looks like this watch will have a killstreak counter. from r/modernwarfare

And the radar is slightly different compared to how it looked in the recent beta:

Radar has changed (zoomed out). Then and Now from r/modernwarfare

Activision is working to have videos removed from the likes of Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Streamable and even Google Drive as it fights to prevent footage from leaking early.

One particularly determined owner of the game, who goes by the name MambaDoesntMiss on Twitter, has seen multiple streams pulled. Still, they took to reddit to post links to their capture – although much of this has been pulled. They even posted a video showing off all the weapons, perks, lethals, tacticals, streaks and field upgrades in the game, but Activision had that removed also.

One video still online, though, showcases all the operator skins, weapon variants, charms and watches in Modern Warfare.

250+ Showcase – Operator Skins, Weapon Variants, Charms, and Watches from r/modernwarfare

Of note: there’s a shotgun skin that pays tribute to the NES Zapper:

The R9-0 shotgun has an NES light gun style skin from r/modernwarfare

Activision faces an uphill battle keeping a lid on all these Modern Warfare leaks, of course – and the closer we get to launch, the more will find its way online. If you care about the campaign in any way, you may want to stay clear of the internet for a bit.

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