Battlefield’s ongoing identity crisis could be what saves it this year

The last three nights I’ve been pottering about with Battlefield 2042’s various modes, from traditional Conquest through to the all-new squad-focussed Hazard Zone and the roll-your-own Portal mode editor. What do I make of it? It’s near impossible to tell after three nights of action of a game that’s all about grand scale and near limitless ways to play (and even harder when we’ve not seen the progression system or much by way of how the battle pass works, with all specialists and items unlocked from the off in the review build).

A weekend with the final release once it’s out in the wild on Game Pass and EA Play should help that come into focus – at least I hope it does, because we’re planning the full review for early next week – but even before then one thing is abundantly clear. I’ve never played a Battlefield that’s quite as all over the place as this one. Whether that means it’s a rich tapestry of different experiences or whether it means it falls apart as it’s torn in countless directions I’m not really also sure, as from those three nights it seems this does seem a very mixed affair.

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