Black Friday Dyson Supersonic deals: shop for the latest hair dryer deals

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Black Friday deals are something which many of us want to keep an eager eye out for since they make a fabulous gift, and are rated among some of the best hair dryers (opens in new tab) that you can own. 

While discounts can be hard to find in the flurry of Black Friday deals (opens in new tab), actually making a saving on one of these popular hair dryers can be particularly lucrative considering the $429 / £429 starting cost. We’ve seen those prices drop to $309.99 / £330 on the base model in the past – proof that you just need to be in the right place at the right time to score yourself a saving.

If you’re to consider a refurbished Dyson Supersonic then there will be more savings to be had. Dyson have their own outlet in the US (opens in new tab) and in the UK (opens in new tab) where you can pick up a refurbished first-generation Dyson Supersonic (opens in new tab) along with three complimentary attachments for $379, for example. Resellers such as eBay also have their offering of the refurbished hair care appliances in the UK for a price of £188.99 (down from £269.99) (opens in new tab)which unsurprisingly is proving mega popular.

To help you snag a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Black Friday deal we’ve scoured the web to round up all the best Dyson Supersonic deals in one place. Our price comparison software looks at all your favorite online retailers for the best offers every half hour, too, which means you’re always clued up on the most significant discounts. 

We’re also tracking Dyson Airwrap Black Friday deals so if you want to get a hair dryer and hair styler, you have just one place to look

Dyson Supersonic Black Friday deals (US): quick links

Dyson Supersonic Black Friday deals (UK): quick links

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Dyson Supersonic price: is the Dyson hair dryer worth the money?

The high price tag on the Dyson hair dryer can initially cause shock, but there are several reasons for the steep price. The Supersonic is engineered like other Dyson appliances and therefore priced similarly. 

It features a tiny digital motor that – combined with the heat sensor – produces fast drying results without damaging your hair. Dyson installed the tiny motor in the handle rather than the head, which balances the weight of the dryer so your hand won’t get tired when drying your hair. Dyson also claims that the Supersonic will outlast other hairdryers, so you won’t have to keep repurchasing the same $70 hair dryer every couple of years. 

How does the Dyson supersonic hair dryer work?

Extreme temperatures can damage hair, so Dyson engineered a hair dryer that protects hair while also achieving fast drying and controlled styling. The Supersonic features a powerful Dyson digital motor that’s six times faster than other hair dryers. 

The motor combined with the Air Multiplier technology produces high-pressure controlled air, which results in a smooth and even hair drying experience. Thanks to the intelligent heat control, which measures air temperature 40 times a second, the extreme heat is regulated, so your hair is protected against damage.

Does the Dyson hair dryer dry faster?

The short answer is yes; the Dyson Supersonic dries hair faster and more efficiently than traditional hair dryers. The Dyson hair dryer combines controlled heat with a powerful motor that results in drying time that’s twice as fast as most hair dryers. The Supersonic also features three different drying speeds so you can control how fast you want your hair dried. 

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The best hair dryer in the world

Dimensions: 3.8″ x 3.1″ x 9.6″ | Weight: 4.41 lbs | Power: 1600 W

Ultra-fast drying

Prevents extreme heat damage

3 precise speed settings

It’s easier to hold

Comes with great accessories

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is built with a powerful V9 digital motor that combined with air multiplier technology produces high-velocity controlled air for fast, controlled drying. The Supersonic hair dryer measures air temperature 20 times a second so you’ll never have to worry about damaging your hair with extreme heat. 

The Dyson hair dryer also offers four different heat settings, as well as three different speed settings, so you can style your hair exactly how you want. The controlled heat and settings also help with reducing frizz so you can achieve sleek, smooth hair with every use. The Supersonic also comes with three different magnetic attachments so you can achieve different styles using just one tool.


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