Cyber Monday hoverboard deals 2021: what to expect in the sales

Cyber Monday hoverboard deals are usually a dime a dozen, with huge discounts on loads of two-wheelers throughout both the US and UK. Last year there were a ton of great deals, so we get that it can be tough to find the perfect one. Each year, we handpick all the best Cyber Monday deals for you, and we’ll be listing them right here so you know which deals are hot ahead of this year’s sales date of November 29.

Of course, we’re well aware of the safety controversies surrounding some hoverboards. As such, we make doubly sure to only list the best hoverboards from reputable brands that comply with appropriate safety standards (including protection against overheating) and give the best customer support.

Before you delve into your search for the best Cyber Monday hoverboard deals, though, bear in mind that rules on riding them vary between different countries, states and cities. We’d recommend looking up the laws in your area before nabbing your Cyber Monday hoverboard bargain, so that you or your gift recipient aren’t tethered to the driveway.

Cyber Monday hoverboard deals: how to prepare

Cyber Monday 2021 is very likely to be a hectic time for hoverboard deals, as it is with any popular product. Last year, online spending blew previous records out of the water, registering $10.8 billion in ecommerce sales on Cyber Monday alone, according to Statista.

As we’re still under the thumb of the Covid-19 pandemic, many consumers are likely to still do their deal shopping from home, so expect stock on the best hoverboard deals to potentially sell fast.

Cyber Monday is now just weeks away, but there’s still time to prepare for this major shopping event. Checking out the best retailers for this year’s Cyber Monday hoverboard deals will potentially save you a lot of cash (and headaches).

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When will the best Cyber Monday hoverboard deals start in 2021?

While Cyber Monday begins on takes place on November 29, it’s highly likely we’ll see hoverboard deals go up before the day begins. It’s a busy period for sales of all kinds, with Black Friday taking place just a few days earlier, where there’s bound to be even more hoverboard deals to peruse.

Last year, we saw deals on all kinds of products from a variety of retailers go live as early as October. This is because retailers adopted a more spread-out approach to the sales period largely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This let shoppers buy online from the safety of their homes across a longer period.

We expect this to be the case for Cyber Monday hoverboard deals in 2021. As we’re not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to the pandemic, it’s likely we’ll experience a similar vibe from this year’s Cyber Monday offerings.

Where are the best places to find Cyber Monday hoverboard deals?

While we’ll be listing the best Cyber Monday hoverboard deals on the day, it’s good to have an idea of the best retailers for hoverboard deals ahead of time.

Just below, we’ve put together a quick list of the retailers you should be checking to find the best hoverboard deal for you based on your region.

reliably great deals on a range of hoverboards
Best Buy:
a good selection of fairly big discounts
Segway: huge savings on more robust hoverboards
Walmart: hoverboard deals at less than $100

great discounts on a wide range of brands
good deals on some highly rated hoverboards
Curry’s: not many options, but some okay discounts

What Cyber Monday hoverboard deals do we expect to see in 2021?

Hoverboards are still an immensely popular gadget among children, so we fully expect to once again see a wide range of hoverboards deals, as we did last year.

Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart in the US, alongside Argos and Currys in the UK will likely host the lion’s share of the best hoverboard deals this year.

In terms of brands, Hover-1 and Razor are the go-to choices for most consumers new to the hoverboard field. Both companies make quality hoverboards that meet safety standards that other, cheaper models might shirk.

Last year we saw strong discounts for both Hover-1 and Razor hoverboard products at a variety of retailers, but if you’re looking for an utterly superb deal, you may want to give Segway a look. Last year, consumers could save hundreds on the Drift rollerskates and Ninebot S. Of course, we’d recommend these if you’re not strictly wedded to the idea of buying a more traditional hoverboard.

How can I get the best Cyber Monday hoverboard deals?

You’ll want to keep an eye especially on the retailers we’ve listed above. When it comes to Cyber Monday hoverboard deals, we’ve found that quality comes over quantity. There may not be a ton of different brands on offer, but the deals on the ones that do exist are often substantial discounts.

As we only recommend hoverboards that meet high safety standards, you can rest assured that if you follow our guide, you’ll be getting a hoverboard that’s both fun to use and up to code.

Today’s best hoverboard deals where you are

Can’t wait until Cyber Monday to nab yourself a sweet hoverboard deal? Below you’ll find a short list of the best hoverboard deals right now in your region.

Best hoverboard deal: US

Best hoverboard deal: UK

Last year’s best Cyber Monday hoverboard deals

Want an idea of how good last year’s Cyber Monday hoverboard deals were? We’ve got your back with the following cherrypicked list of the best deals we found at the time. This should give you a decent idea of what to expect from Cyber Monday this year, and what kinds of hoverboard deals are likely to go live.

US Cyber Monday hoverboard deals

UK Cyber Monday hoverboard deals


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