Doctor Who boss dubs long-rumoured Fortnite collaboration “a complete myth”

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has responded to the long-running rumours of a full-on Fortnite collaboration, saying they are a “myth”.

Responding to a Doctor Who fan via Instagram, Davies said of the long-expected Fortnite tie-in: “There isn’t one! It’s a complete myth, I’m afraid.”

The news has come as a surprise to many Fortnite fans expecting David Tennant and current TARDIS incumbent Ncuti Gatwa to both stroll into Fortnite’s metaverse sometime in the near future.

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The past year has seen a number of purported leaks offering details of a collaboration between Epic Games’ ever-popular battle royale and the latest incarnation of Doctor Who, which is now broadcast on Disney+ internationally.

Last May, these details included word that a potential crossover could happen in time for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary episodes, which aired last autumn. Later whispers suggested the crossover had been delayed, as Fortnite was focused on the launch of its various new modes, with fans next expecting it to arrive this May, when Doctor Who’s upcoming new season launches.

The suggestion that all this was a myth is surprising given the reliable sources of the rumours – veteran Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, FNBRintel and Doctor Who leakers with a proven record of production spoilers, who posted details and alleged concept art of items set to be part of the collaboration.

Particularly curious is the fact that these details included references to the then-upcoming 60th anniversary episodes, including an item that depicted Doctor Who monster Beep the Meep, long before it was widely known the creature would indeed be featured.

Other items discussed as coming to Fortnite were character skins for the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors (David Tennant v2 and Ncuti Gatwa), a TARDIS glider and an emote where your character flexed their Psychic Paper. A Sonic Staff and Dalek Manipulator Arm were claimed to be pickaxes.

In-game, UNIT troops were suggested to appear on the Fortnite map, as part of quests involving an investigation of a Meep Star Cruiser and the use of Wrarth Warrior weapons – all plot elements referenced in the show’s 60th anniversary.

Doctor Who fans had been expecting this crossover to come to fruition – especially as Disney is such a regular collaborator with Fortnite, and as the BBC has dabbled in the game before – albeit in a much more limited way.

Back in 2022, the BBC launched a mini Fortnite tie-in that awarded a limited edition TARDIS spray made by Epic Games, which was unlocked if players visited a series of creator-made Doctor Who maps. The event was an official project of the BBC and looked set to preface a stronger tie-in with Epic in future.

But if Russell T Davies now says no, then seemingly not. We’ve contacted the BBC and Epic Games for comment.

Details of plans for other Fortnite collaborations in the past included the suggestion Epic Games had pitched the inclusion of Metroid’s Samus Aran to Nintendo.

Last week, Disney announced it was investing $1.5bn in Epic Games, for a project that sounded like a further extension to Fortnite.

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