Dungeon of the Endless spiritual successor Endless Dungeon out in May

Amplitude Studio’s Dungeon of the Endless spiritual successor Endless Dungeon – which it calls a “unique blend of roguelite, tactical action, and tower defense” – has been given a release date and will launch for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on 18th May.

Endless Dungeon, which was announced toward the end of 2020, shipwrecks players on a mysterious space station and tasks them with recruiting a team of heroes in an effort to transport a crystal to their vessel’s core, protecting it – via some frenetic top-down twin-stick shooting action – from ceaseless waves of monsters along the way.

It features a new storyline set in the Endless universe, and can be played either solo – one player controlling the entire squad – or alongside friends in multiplayer, with available heroes including Comrade (Gunsmith), Bunker (Tank), Blaze (Artificer), and Shroom (Medic).

Endless Dungeon – Pre-Order Trailer.

Endless Dungeon has already had several rounds of community testing ahead of its release, and Amplitude is running a third, expanded OpenDev session – featuring four playable heroes, four districts, 15 monsters, and more – from now until 30th January.

Anyone that pre-orders the Last Wish Digital Edition on PC will get instant access to this “Final Rodeo” OpenDev test, as well as the pre-launch Closed Beta. It also includes 48 hours early access to the full game, a digital soundtrack and artbook, the Pioneer Elite skin pack, and more.

Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan cast an appreciative eye over an early build of Endless Dungeon last summer, writing, “What I really love is that the same melancholy [as its predecessor] remains, despite the hero shooter coatings and the layer of good comic book cheer. Let the tears flow, said Dungeon of the Endless. In Endless Dungeon they are still flowing.”

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