Ed joins Street Fighter 6 roster at the end of February

Beefy boxer Ed joins the Street Fighter 6 roster on 27th February.

The fighter was previously announced as the next DLC character, but now we have the release date along with a new gameplay trailer.

Ed will be the 21st playable character in the game, following the returning Rashid and newcomer A.K.I last year.

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Cover image for YouTube videoStreet Fighter 6 – Ed Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter 6 – Ed Gameplay Trailer

In addition, the “Ed Arrives!” Fighting Pass is now live so players can grab some boxing gear.

A new stage will also be added to the game called Ruined Lab, alongside a handful of quality-of-life updates like switching button displays on PC and extra lighting features added to photo mode.

Ed first appeared in Street Fighter 5 where he rejected the evil intentions of series villain M. Bison and created the Neo Shadaloo organisation.

Ed screenshot from Street Fighter 6 posing mid battle with sparks out of fist

Ed screenshot from Street Fighter 6 punching opponent mid-battle with electric green sparks

Anyone else getting DmC vibes? | Image credit: Capcom

In this Street Fighter 6 incarnation, all of his moves are punches – he is a boxer after all. That includes his Psycho Flicker and Psycho Blitz moves, as well as his Psycho Chamber Super Art.

Ed will be unlocked as part of the Year 1 Character Pass and Year 1 Ultimate Pass, plus he will be available for owners of the Deluxe or Ultimate editions.

As of January, Street Fighter 6 has sold 3m copies. It now has stiff competition, however, with the recent release of Namco’s Tekken 8.

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