Elden Ring classes: Best starting class choice in Elden Ring explained

Not all those who wander are tarnished.

Choosing the best starting class in Elden Ring is the first big decision you will stumble upon with, which can be crucial for the journey ahead.

As with other Soulsborne games, your starting class defines what kind of builds you can experiment with. As stats differ quite a bit between each other, knowing which one would best suit your playstyle is key, and will save you a few headaches when leveling up.

This is a choice you even have to make in the network test – and even though you are dealing with pre-made characters, with only a few hours to play a time, you understandably want to make the right choice for you.

This page will detail the best starting class in Elden Ring, and how each differs between each other.

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How important are classes in Elden Ring?

Choosing the best class in Elden Ring is a task that varies greatly depending on what you’re looking for. Some classes are best as tanky warriors that can wear massive shields or longswords. Others excel at magic, or agility, or a mix of both.

If you’re pursuing an specific goal for your character or have a certain build in mind, the class you pick will serve as the foundation for it – whether it matches the weapons or even the stats you’ll be focusing on is what makes a difference and, ultimately, a hard choice.


There is still a few months to go until Elden Ring launches, but until then, the Elden Ring network test provides a glimpse of what to expect.

During the network test there are five classes to choose from. These are also pre-made characters, so they already come with an armour set and other equipment. You can expect a total of 11 classes in the full game, as well as full character customization as it’s usually the norm with Soulsborne games.

The Elden Ring network test classes are the following:

  • Warrior: Excels in stats like Vigor, Endurance and Dexterity
  • Enchanted Knight: Excels in stats like Mind, Strength and Intelligence
  • Prophet: Excels in stats like Mind, Strength and Faith
  • Champion: Excels in stats like Vigor, Endurance and Faith
  • Bloody Wolf: Excels in stats like Vigor, Endurance and Strength

All of them start at level 5, too, so you’ll have a bit of an advantage all around. Now, let’s look into the best options.

Warrior, Enchanted Knight, Prophet, Champion or Bloody Wolf? Our best starting class recommendations in Elden Ring

Let’s begin with the the classic option: brute force. Bloody Wolf is an excellent option if you’re interested in learning the ropes with a straightforward class or just don’t want to bother with magic and other specific stats.

With Vigor, Endurance and Strength as the main stats – the latter with 16 points to begin with – you’ll have no trouble using either a sword and a shield at the same time, or just a sword with both of your hands. And, thanks to the fact that there are some investment into Endurance already, it means you won’t be the slowest warrior out there in case you need to dodge an attack or escape from trouble.


If you’re looking for an option in the opposite fence, focusing more on magic to try out some of the rather unique spells in Elden Ring, then the Prophet is the class for you.

Heavy armour aren’t their strong suit – instead, they offer a more lightweight experience that can hold their own against all sorts of enemies in range. Plus, some spells literally involve healing auras and massive ethereal heads that will scream at enemies. If you get bored or just want to see what else the game has in offer, we recommend you to create a Prophet and play around with it for a bit.


Of course, there is always the option to mix and match the aforementioned playstyles. We’re yet to see how the other classes will play out in the full game, but for now, the Enchanted Knight scratches that itch.

The Enchanted Knight also presents itself with a 100 percent physical damage reduction shield and a well-rounded armor, as well as Strength and Intelligence as the main stats. If you want to experience the best of both worlds from the get-go, this is the class for you.


That’s all you need to know about Elden Ring classes for the time being – after you’ve made your choice, make sure to unlock the horse early and follow our steps on how to play with friends easily.

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