Fall Guys kicks off its relaunch with server issues

Yesterday, players were left unable to find matches in Fall Guys thanks to server issues sparked by the game’s multiplatform relaunch.

Developer Mediatonic first acknowledged the issues yesterday afternoon, in a fashionably Fall Guys-style tweet.

Late last night, things seemed to be improving, with more players able to get into game. But still there were “teething issues”, as servers were flooded with new players across PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

But this morning it appears some players are still facing matchmaking problems.

Epic acquired Mediatonic last year and has since slowly integrated Fall Guys into Epic’s ecosystem.

Players are now required to login with an Epic Games account to play and the game was removed from Steam’s storefront in favour of the Epic Games Store.

Last month, Mediatonic announced its biggest shake-up for the game, with the title going free-to-play and multiplatform.

Like many other live service games, Fall Guys now features regular new seaons with paid and free cosmetic content.

Though it seems Mediatonic’s new monetisation model and cash injection from Epic hasn’t quite resulted in better server infrastructure.

The game faced similar issues when it debuted on PlayStation 4 and Steam back in 2020.

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