Fitbit Charge 3 now its lowest price ever, plus the Fitbit Versa is cheaper too

If you’ve been waiting until Black Friday to pick up a great smartwatch or fitness tracker deal, you’ve made the right choice. Early Black Friday deals from various retailers have slashed the price of the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Charge 3, two of the best Fitbits you can buy right now.

Some of them are part of Amazon’s early Black Friday sales, while the discount on the Fitbit Charge 3 comes directly from UK network O2.

Fitbit is a household name for its wearables, including fitness trackers and smartwatches, but they’re sometimes a little pricey. However, at these new all-time-low prices, the devices are much more affordable.

The Fitbit Charge 3 currently tops our list as the best Fitbit available right now thanks to its large screen, range of fitness features and totally waterproof design. You can now pick it up for the first time at a sub-£80 price, although if you want the version with Fitbit Pay you’re paying a bit more (it’s still discounted though).

Fitbit Charge 3: at O2 | no NFC | £130 £79.99
If you don’t need to be able to pay with your wrist, this affordable fitness tracker will be perfect for you. It comes in either Graphite or Rose Gold, both of which are discounted, so whether you’re monitoring your heart rate, measuring your workouts or just counting your steps, you can do so in style without breaking the bank.

Fitbit Charge 3: at Amazon | NFC | £150 £108.99
This is a pretty low price for a Fitbit with NFC, so if you want to pop to the shop on the way back from your run, or easily swipe onto the tube or bus without digging out your wallet, this is the device for you. It’s also loaded with all the features that make the Charge 3 great.

If you want in on the Fitbit ecosystem but don’t like the look of the Charge, there’s another device that’s at an all-time low price, and it’s even more heavily discounted than the Charge 3.

This is the Fitbit Versa, a device which launched in 2018 and was so popular it lead to the Versa Lite and Versa 2 in 2019. It’s comfortable on the wrist, has all the features that make Fitbit devices great, and is especially useful for tracking your sleep.

The Fitbit Versa Special Edition is also discounted, which comes with a woven band for an even more premium feel, although there’s nothing to dislike about the silicone strap that comes with the base edition (unless you have a skin condition).

Fitbit Versa: at Amazon | Base Edition | £200 £129.85
The Fitbit Versa is a fantastic smartwatch, especially for people who want a device with all the features of a fitness tracker, but then a little bit more on top. This is a new low price for the wearable, and there’s no guarantee it’ll get any cheaper over Black Friday.

Fitbit Versa: at Amazon | Special Edition | £220 £149.99
Strong savings on this super smartwatch, which combines the fitness features Fitbit is known for with the eye-catching design and great usability. Sure, the Versa has been replaced by the Versa 2 (and the Versa Lite, if you want an affordable variant), but at this low price it’s certainly a tempting buy.

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