Fortnite adds Lego pirate survival, obstacle course mini-games today

Fortnite’s partnership with Lego continues today with the launch of two family-friendly mini-games: Lego Raft Survival and Lego Obby Fun.

The first of these is a multiplayer mini-game themed around Lego’s popular pirates theme, where you must stay afloat on a raft – and repair it on the fly – while it is under attack from cannon fire.

The latter is an obstacle course mini-game similar to those found within Fortnite’s user-made Creative mode already – think along the lines of its many parkour levels or popular Only Up maps.

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These experiences – dubbed as “Lego Islands” by Fortnite, with more to come – are smaller than the main Lego Fortnite mode launched at the end of last year, which boasts a survival and crafting experience not dissimilar to Valheim albeit with slightly more studs. That offering received a major fishing update last week, and continues to prove a popular Fortnite mode alongside the game’s traditional battle royale.

Lego Fortnite pirate raft mini-game showing Peely building up the raft as cannon fire blows it up.
Image credit: Epic Games / Lego

We’d been expecting more Lego experiences in Fortnite to launch and – at some point in the future – the ability for players to start building their own with Lego bricks and characters in Creative. There’s no date for that yet, but today’s two Creative-sized experiences offer a good representation of what players will be able to build.

Lego Fortnite feels like Minecraft for the metaverse era,” I wrote last year when I went hands-on with the game for the first time, and heard more from Epic Games on how its brick-building collaboration came to be.

“We already have a roadmap of things for the first six months that we’re going to be putting into this game that I’m really excited to see come to life, and that we’ll continue to adjust and edit based on how we see our players experience the game and the types of community feedback,” Epic Games president Adam Sussman told me at the time. “There’s so much opportunity ahead there. But on top of that there’ll be other experiences that Lego is partnering with us on bringing into Fortnite as well.”

And how about physical Lego sets themed around Fortnite? “Anything is possible,” Lego’s chief product and marketing officer Julia Goldin teased.

Next up from Fortnite’s battle royale portion will be a new season themed around Ancient Greek heroes and mythology, meanwhile.

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