Get 12 months of PlayStation Plus for cheap in Black Friday sales

PlayStation Plus – the paid subscription service that offers two PlayStation games at no additional cost each month – is being heavily discounted at a variety of retailers at the minute, thanks to Black Friday sales.

While we’re still a few days away from the savings truly kicking off, we’re seeing more and more deals pop each day, and this one is a must for almost every PlayStation 4 owner out there. As well as a few extra games to add to your PS4 library, PlayStation Plus allows those who own Sony’s hardware to play online multiplayer.

The best price we can currently find is over at ShopTo, which is selling 12 months of PS Plus for £29.85; that’s a saving of over £20. If that’s out of stock while you’re reading this, there’s always Amazon and Game, too. Both stores are both flogging a year of PlayStation Plus for £37.49. Over at Argos, you can save yourself a couple of extra quid and pick it up for £34.99.


And for the music lovers out there, Currys PC World is bundling 6 months of a premium Spotify subscription with the year of PS Plus for £37.49. So, don’t worry if the first online shop you go to is sold out, because you have plenty of options at the minute.

Expect plenty more cracking deals to pop here on Eurogamer over the course of the next week. To check out the best of the best, have a look at our PlayStation Black Friday deals hub, our Xbox Black Friday deals hub and our Nintendo Black Friday deals hub.

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