God of War Ragnarök gets New Game Plus mode next year

Are you one of the many who have completed God of War Ragnarök, and are now hankering for more from the Nine Realms?

Well, if this is you, I have good news! Sony Santa Monica has announced a New Game Plus Mode launches in the spring.

Zoe shares 15 advanced God Of War Ragnarök tips, for those like me who can use all the help they can get.

That is all we have in the way of official news on the mode for now, however the developer said it will share more “once we get closer to [its] release!”

That being said, if it is anything like 2018’s God of War, we can perhaps expect to see some higher level enemies to test our mettle against, a range of new gear upgrades and the option to skip cinematics. We will, of course, keep you posted when we know more.

So, are you crying a few Tyrs of joy right now after hearing this news? Especially given Ragnarök DLC seems out of the question.

I, for one, recently finished the main game, but still have a fair few of those pesky Berserkers to track down and slay. Given my track record so far, however, this may well keep me busy until spring…

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