GTA Online teases “exciting new adventure”, 20th anniversary tie-ins for later this year

Alongside other additions and improvements.

It’s all go in the world of Grand Theft Auto; alongside the news of a GTA Trilogy remaster heading to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC, Rockstar has teased a raft of additions and improvements for GTA Online, including an “exciting new adventure” due later this year.

Starting in autumn, Grand Theft Auto Online will introduce a “cavalcade” of special in-game gear to celebrate GTA 3’s 20th anniversary – including commemorative clothing and liveries – all set to be made available as part of a series of still-to-be-announced events.

Then there’s the aforementioned “exciting new adventure”, due to arrive later this year, which Rockstar teases will usher in some “well-known contacts and familiar friends” needing help to expand their almost certainly criminal enterprise.


As for other goings-on, Rockstar says it’s currently looking to improve the GTA Online experience for new and returning players in the run-up to the game’s PS5 and Xbox Series X/S launch next March, and the developer also highlights a number of changes it’s made to the delivery of Adversary Modes and Player Jobs, which will now cycle in and out of play over time.

According to the studio, GTA Online now plays host to over 1,000 Rockstar-created Jobs and tens of millions of player-created Jobs. As such, cycling these in and out will, it claims, free up space for future missions and modes, as well as improve matchmaking by focusing the community on a more streamlined list of Jobs.

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“This will also allow us to bring back Jobs at various times for special or seasonal events and help reduce some of the lesser-liked Jobs, as well as helping surface some of our slept-on classics or the community’s quirkier favourites alongside special bonuses,” it explains, pointing to the recently returned Offense Defense and Sumo as examples.

Expect more info on Grand Theft Auto Online’s additions and improvements at a later date.

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