GTA Vice City properties map and what property to buy first explained

Our explainer for the real estate you should invest in.

GTA Vice City property brings you further into the world of Tommy Vercetti and his empire by allowing you to purchase property.

In a region as big as Vice City, having access to multiple places to live and get to safety is useful – provided that you can pay their prices.

This page offers a Vice City property locations map, where to find all safehouses and assets, and once you have saved up the cash, what property you should by first in GTA Vice City.

On this page:

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What are properties in GTA Vice City?

Housing properties are divided into two categories in the game, Safehouses and Assets. Safehouses are scattered across the map providing saving points, vehicle storage of different sizes, and in some cases, weapons for you to equip.


Assets will be available after completing the mission “Shakedown”, and also involve a variety of services that can generate profit for you. However, for you to achieve that you will need to finish a questline related to the Asset involved, and each one has its own chain of missions.

GTA Vice City property locations map

Here is where to find all property locations in GTA Vice City:

GTA Vice City property locations map.

The following tables will explain the prices, garage sizes, and how to unlock.

GTA Vice City property list: Property locations and costs of all safehouses and assets in Vice City

Here’s where to find all safehouses in GTA Vice City:

Where’s where to find all assets in GTA Vice City:

What property should you buy first in GTA Vice City?

The first of our recommended properties to buy would be 3321 Vice Point, located at the very north of the east island.


Not only is it a cheap property, easy to buy early into the game, but also provides a save point on the opposite side of Vice Beach, so it becomes very practical in case you don’t want to waste time traveling back to Ocean View Hotel to save your game.


As an alternative, you could also aim a bit higher and buy either the Links View Apartment or El Swanko Casa, since those have vehicle storage, which can prove useful if you want to own different cars – or just want to look really, really cool.

If you have money to spare, you can extend yourself into buying the expensive Hyman Condo, which is worth a shocking $14,000 but provides storage for up to 8 vehicles and has its own helipad – perfect for storing a helicopter making it a very useful property in the long run.

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