Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched event rewards, Land Grab challenges, and Entrenched dates

Fracture Entrenched in Halo Infinite is a time-limited event in the game’s multiplayer mode during Season 2 Lone Wolves.

The free event allows you to unlock the Eaglestrike armor and other items over the course of Season 2 by completing Land Grab challenges.

Similar to the ‘main’ Halo Infinite battle pass, there is a Fracture Entrenched pass which requires you to unlock a number of tiers in order to get and customise the Eaglestrike armor – however, you only have brief, select periods of time during the season to do so.

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How Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched event and challenges work

The Fracture Entrenched event has its own event pass which you can view in the same area as the season-long battle pass and your weekly challenges.

To progress Fracture Entrenched tiers, you must complete specific Entrenched challenges while playing in the new Land Grab mode. These event challenges are included in your weekly challenge pool, and are differentiated by a red strip.

Look out for the red strip to spot a Fractured Entrenched challenge.

If you cannot see any ‘red’ Fracture Entrenched challenges, they are likely in the ‘upcoming’ set of weekly challenges. Press the Y button over the ‘active’ weekly challenges to see which challenges are remaining. When you have completed one of the ‘active’ ones, an ‘upcoming’ challenge will cycle in next.

A glance at upcoming challenges in Halo Infinite.

There are a total of ten Fracture Entrenched event challenges to complete during an event week – assigned to you at random from a pool of possible challenges – allowing you to unlock ten tiers of the event pass. With 30 tiers in total to complete, this means you must participate in multiple weeks in order to complete the event pass in its entirety and get the complete Eagletrike armor set.

Though you cannot purchase tiers of the free event pass, you can use Challenge Swaps if you are struggling with any particular challenge.

The Eaglestrike armor is exclusive to the Fractured Entrenched event.

All Halo Infinite Fractured Entrenched challenges

While completing challenges to unlock tiers on the Fractured Entrenched event pass, you can also earn XP toward your active season battle pass.

Here are all the possible Fracture Entrenched challenges in Halo Infinite Season 2:

  • Capture a Zone in Land Grab PvP: 300 XP
  • Capture a Zone in Land Grab PvP (10): 300 XP
  • Complete a Land Grab PvP match: 300 XP
  • Earn Cumulative Player Score in Land Grab PvP Matches (2,500): 300 XP
  • Kill an Enemy Spartan Defending Their Zone In Land Grab PvP: 300 XP
  • Kill Enemy Spartans In Land Grab PvP (10): 300 XP
  • Kill Enemy Spartans In Land Grab PvP (20): 300 XP
  • Kill Enemy Spartans In Land Grab PvP (50): 300 XP
  • Spend Seconds Occupying Zones in Land Grab PvP Matches (15): 300 XP
  • Win a Land Grab PvP Match: 300 XP

Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched event pass rewards

To unlock the complete Eaglestrike armor set, you must progress through tiers of the Fracture Entrenched event pass, which has 30 tiers in total, giving you a number of associated cosmetics and ways to customise your armor set.

Thankfully, the ‘core’ of the armor is unlocked fairly early at tier 5, meaning you can obtain the basics of the Eaglestrike set within one week’s play.

If you take part during the first week of Fractured Entrenched, you will also receive the Entrenched Spartan Backdrop for free.

Here are all the Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched event pass rewards:

Tier 1: Big One Backdrop (Epic)

Tier 2: Red One Vehicle Emblem (Rare)

Tier 3: Eagle’s Outlook Stance (Rare)

Tier 4: Nomad Sutler Weapon Coating (Rare)

Tier 5: Eaglestrike Armor Core (Legendary)

Tier 6: Red One Weapon Coating (Rare)

Tier 7: Carbon Tundra Vehicle Coating (Rare)

Tier 8: Type-1 Splinterguard Knee Pads for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 9: Triplex Aero Visor for Eaglestrike (Legendary)

Tier 10: Earwig Helmet Attachment (Epic)

Tier 11: Red One Armor Emblem (Rare)

Tier 12: Carbon Tundra Vehicle Coating (Rare)

Tier 13: Crabshell Left Shoulder Pad for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 14: Crabshell Right Shoulder Pad for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 15: Bonecaps Knee Pads for Eaglestrike (Legendary)

Tier 16: Red One Nameplate (Rare)

Tier 17: Carbon Tundra Armor Coating for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 18: Wizard Pockets Chest for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 19: Soldier’s Friend Utility for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 20: Kerberos Helmet for Eaglestrike (Legendary)

Tier 21: Last Line of Defense Backdrop (Epic)

Tier 22: White Tiger Armor Coating for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 23: Night Wisp Visor for Eaglestrike (Legendary)

Tier 24: Recruiter’s Band Helmet Attachment (Legendary)

Tier 25: Jacknife Chest for Eaglestrike (Legendary)

Tier 26: Type-1 Defenders Left Shoulder Pad for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 27: Type-1 Defenders Right Shoulder Pad for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 28: Ruthless War Club Stance (Epic)

Tier 29: Ultramarine Corps Armor Coating for Eaglestrike (Epic)

Tier 30: Kythera Battlepad Wrist for Eaglestrike (Legendary)

As a reminder, though the event (and thus, the armor) is free for all players, the Fracture Entrenched tiers are only around when the event is active, which is set to be for one week at a time. Think of it similar to how Destiny handles Iron Banner, which allows you to continue the event-specific quest whenever it returns throughout a season.

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Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched event dates and times

Halo Infinite Fracture Entrenched is a limited time event which will appear multiple times throughout Season 2. Remember to complete Land Grab challenges during these select periods to progress the Fracture Entrenched event pass and earn free rewards.

The confirmed Fracture Entrenched event dates in Halo Infinite are as follows:

  • Week 1: 24th May 2022 to 30th May 2022
  • Week 2: 14th June 2022 to 20th June 2022
  • Week 3: 5th July 2022 to 11th July 2022
  • Week 4: 16th August 2022 to 22nd of August 2022

There will be two more weeks of the Fractured Entrenched event on top of the four mentioned above, but their dates are currently unknown. We will update this page with dates of the last two weeks once they have been confirmed by developer 343 Industries.

The Fractured Entrenched event weeks will start and end at:

  • UK: 7pm (BST)
  • Europe: 8pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 2pm (EDT)
  • Central US: 1pm (CST)
  • West Coast US: 11am (PDT)

Remember, you can only earn ten reward tiers per Entrenched week, so you will have to take part in at least half of the Fracture Entrenched event to earn every reward on the pass.

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