Here’s your first look at Death March Club, the new game from the Danganronpa and Zero Escape devs

Too Kyo Games, the new studio that brings together Danganronpa writer Kazukata Kodaka with Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi, has unveiled its new game – a slight move away from visual novels towards 2D action called Death March Club.

It’s a game that explores themes of childhood, mortality and morality, drawing upon the likes of Lord of the Flies as it pits children against each other in a deadly game – and it’ll explore similar themes to Kodaka and Uchikoshi’s previous work, being what they themselves refer to as a ‘death game’.


But Death March Club won’t strictly be a visual novel, instead implementing action sequences and puzzling that will come via the help of Grounding Inc – the development studio headed up by Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futatsugi.

Death March Club will primarily be a side-scrolling 2D action game in which you take control of Reicho, while also leaning on the abilities of other non-playable characters. It will still, however, retain the strong story-telling and twist-heavy narrative of Kodaka and Uchikoshi’s prior games – though their intention this time is to have the gameplay and the exposition sitting alongside each other rather than being separate entities.


Death March Club is coming to PC in 2020, Too Kyo Games choosing that platform in order to reach the global audience it’s aiming for. It’s one of four projects being undertaken by Too Kyo Games – two of them being video games, while another is an anime project in collaboration with Studio Pierrot. Death March Club is being brought to life with the help of Izanagi Games, who previously assisted with the Persona series, and whose aim is to help Japanese creators sell their products to overseas markets.

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