Hindsight review – a glorious, elbowy, frustrating examination of memory

It is impossible to get your head around memory. It’s intangible, yet all-powerful. It can be like living with a ghost, but the ghost is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If I was making a game about my own memories, my own experience of interacting with memory, I am confident that it would be the worst game ever made. An open-world affair, but an endlessly glitchy one. Landmarks disappear and shift. The same journey can take hours one day and seconds the next, and when you reach the destination it’s entirely different anyway. And wherever you go, you’re always at the centre of the map. I do not want to play this game.

But what about a game exploring someone else’s memories? What form would that take? What problems might it run into? Hindsight is an attempt to answer the first question, I think, and it also provides plenty of answers to the second.

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