Isle of Arrows knows how to stop you getting comfortable in a tower defence game

How do you stop people getting comfortable in a tower defence game? I think you know what I mean: that point where you’re deep into a game, your defences are well established, and anything that tries to get through this, your abattoir, is made mincemeat of. You, at that point, are effectively hands off, admiring what you’ve built, and all the game can do is bulk up the enemies and try to brute force its way through. But what if there was another way?

Isle of Arrows has an idea: a second base. Just as you’re beginning to slouch and get comfortable, it introduces another base, and it’s like starting all over again but at the same time as managing something else. Only now, you have one pool of resources to spread across both bases. Even more importantly: both bases share the same overall health pool. If enemies get through to your core in either one, you’ll take damage, and as you only have about 10 hearts, and one life, this is important.

In other words, the danger is doubled, and if you ignore one base for the other, and allow a bad situation to fester, you could quickly find yourself in a precarious situation indeed.

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