Last night’s dip into GTA Online’s Operation Paper Trail missions was surprisingly chilling

My wife plays GTA Online a couple of times a week. It’s not hard to see why she’s stuck with it. Rockstar’s endlessly unspooling criminal playground is weird and sometimes creaky, but it’s still beautiful – no other company has captured the rosy opioid bloom of LA light like this – and it’s still fun. More than anything, it’s unpredictable: whenever you go into GTA Online, you always come out with some kind of story.

Last night Sarah was busy, so I fired it up alone. I wanted to check out the new GTA Online Criminal Enterprises update. But this is important for what follows: I don’t regularly play the game myself. I watch it from the sofa a lot, but I almost never pick up the controller.

Criminal Enterprises brings quite a lot to GTA Online as far as I can tell. New weapons and new vehicles are just the start of it. There’s also a suite of story missions, though, and this is what I was interested in.

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