Looks like Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch is getting amiibo

The Nintendo Switch version of Diablo 3 looks to be getting amiibo support. That’s according to a new datamine of its files that mentions several amiibo types, including – wait for it – a Treasure Goblin.

Golden boy.

Details posted to reddit by user JustMaku also mention a Demon Amiibo, as well as support for other non-Diablo amiibo as well.

The Treasure Goblin amiibo will supposedly spawn a portal – surely, to the Treasure Realm – while the Demon amiibo will spawn a powerful demon foe.

Currently, the Treasure Goblin has a cooldown of roughly once per day to summon a portal, while the Demon amiibo has a shorter 45 minute cooldown – although these may still be tweaked for release, of course.

Diablo 3 amiibo might sound unlikely – but then we’ve now seen amiibo for all kinds of non-Nintendo games, including Skylanders and Shovel Knight. Until now, Dark Souls getting an amiibo was probably the biggest surprise.

It feels like something we may hear more about at Blizzcon 2018, which not so coincidentally takes place this weekend. We’ll be reporting live from the show.

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