Lorn’s Lure is Silent Hill for rock climbers

Steam’s catalogue is so varied now that it’s inevitable, between the shovelware and chuff, you’ll find something that feels like it was snipped from the centre of your brain. That’s what the Lorn’s Lure is to me. It’s a psychological horror first-person parkour sci-fi extravaganza (perhaps ‘extravaganza’ is too strong of a word, but after all those descriptors ‘game’ would feel a little lame), available right now as a nice chunky demo.

Lorn’s Lure feels like a game designed to terrify climbers, and as a climber myself I can testify that it works bloody well. Specifically, it’s designed to terrify trad climbers, the people who scramble up crags with gear and rope. You play as a robot trying to climb out of a mysterious alien structure. At some point you went in too deep, and now your only option is to press on further, a little organo-mechanical thing scratching away at the walls of an unknowably vast complex of gutters and wires and porous grey cliffs. It’s the same conundrum faced by every trad climber once they properly commit to a route. Downclimbing is no longer an option. The only way out is through.

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