MercurySteam responds to complaints some Metroid Dread devs were left out of credits

Metroid Dread has been a critical and commercial success, surpassing all expectations for the return of Nintendo’s long-dormant franchise, but some of the people involved in its creation have begun airing their disappointment at not being credited for their work – criticism that developer MercurySteam has now addressed.

As reported by Spanish website Vandal, several former MercurySteam employees recently took to the internet to query their names being omitted from Metroid Dread’s credits, despite being involved in the production of the title. “I would like to sincerely congratulate the Metroid Dread team for putting out such an outstanding game,” wrote 3D artist Roberto Mejías on LinkedIn. “I’m not surprised of the quality of the game though, since the amount of talent on that team was through the roof. I know this first hand because, despite not being included on the game’s credits, I was part of that team for for eight months.”

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