Modder brings actual brain-powered magic to Skyrim VR

Mind magic.

A modder has created a “real virtual magic” mod for Skyrim VR.

The mod uses a brain computer interface that measures your concentration.

The more you focus, the higher your magicka bar becomes. Fill it up and you’ll do double damage; let it drop and you’ll do less.

It means in order to use spells, you’ll need to truly focus. With your actual brain.

As your focus drops, the size of the spinning in-hand spell symbol decreases in size, which all looks a bit Dr Strange.

To use the mod, you’ll need access to a Muse meditation device (and a dongle), a device used to measure brain activity, heart rate, breathing and body movements during meditation.

The mod has been created by Cangar, a neuroscientist working at Technische Universität Berlin who’s combined his interest in the human brain with his passion for Skyrim VR.

Cangar is keen for players to test the mod so more data can be collected and the mod can be expanded on in future, as it’s currently in an alpha state.

The video above shows the mod in action, but for further information check out the mod page here.

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition has just launched, but modders have been concerned that changes to the game might disrupt the mod scene.

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