Monkey Island memories

With a new Monkey Island game coming next week, we decided to get a couple of Guybrush superfans together to talk about this magical, evocative, and hilarious series.

Chris Donlan: Years ago when I was at school, a friend of mine had Monkey Island on the family PC. I remember the PC was kept in the hallway, and we used to play for hours and hours into the evening. My memories of Melee Island at night are sort of mingled with the night of my friend’s house as we used to play this thing. I wonder: what are your early memories of Monkey Island? When did you realise it was the thing for you?

Victoria Kennedy: It was also a friend for me, or at least one of my brother’s friends. My first memories of Monkey Island are not actually playing it, but seeing other people playing it. I can clearly recall being so entranced by the music (something that to this day still gives me a delighted rush of Dopamine whenever I hear it), and also the colours. To put it simply, it really made me happy.

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