Muddy hell! PowerWash Simulator is better than I ever expected

I once chased someone across a B&Q car park because of a power washer. It was when I worked there – I wouldn’t chase someone now! Maybe if there was a sale… But no. I was standing by the tills when I saw someone leg it back through the entrance with a large power-washer box. Inspired by my macho colleague Russell – “Russ” – who had recently chased a shoplifter and tackled them into a hedge, I shot through the exit doors and across the car park after them.

The thing is, I hadn’t really thought it through. I didn’t know what I’d do if I caught up with them – politely ask them to give it back? I’m not sure I actually fancied diving into a hedge. To make matters worse, they were running towards a car with other people inside. What was I supposed to do about them?

But so intimidating must my visage have been – maybe I run like a charging rhino – that by the time I got near, they had dropped the power-washer, jumped in their getaway car and taken off, doing me a massive favour in the process. I returned to the store a hero – even Russ looked impressed.

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