NES The Legend of Zelda recreated in VR Doom mod

If you’ve ever wanted to fully immerse yourself in The Legend of Zelda now’s your chance as a modder has made the original NES game playable in VR.

Except it’s actually Doom. Huh.

As shared on Twitter by user Sugary Noe (and reported by Nintendo Life), the first section of the game is playable in VR – that’s Hyrule field and the first dungeon.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Coming May 12th, 2023

It’s been named The Legend of Doom owing to it being a VR Doom mod using the QuestZDoom for the Quest VR headset.

Movement is certainly reminiscent of Doomguy, but it’s a faithful recreation of Link’s adventure. Released from the original top-down view, Hyrule feels expansive as rows of trees trail off into the distance bathed in a brand new blue sky.

Those Octoroks are terrifying though.

Then there’s the dungeon which requires the player to lean around corners and explore more tentatively without a full view of each room. It seems more labyrinthine than ever before, even if the boss is laughable.

You can watch Sugary Noe’s playthrough in the video below. It’s a fun watch, though I suspect I’d get horrendously motion sick playing this myself.

The Legend of Zelda VR mod

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