New Bowens lighting range to be launched this year

UK-based retailer Wex Photo Video has announced that it plans to relaunch a professional range of lighting equipment under the Bowens brand.

The line will begin with a new XMS500 flash head, which will be followed by a full range of lights and accessories later this year.

The company already announced the XMT500 flash head earlier this year, although this new flash head will kick off a new series of products.

Targeted towards studio photographers who require “exceptional performance and value”, the Bowens XMS500 Flash Head boasts flash durations as short as 1/13,690 sec and a fast recycle time of 0.9 sec to full power. 

The back of the unit has a digital control panel that’s said to make precise control fast and simple, and with nine stops of flash power adjustable in 1/10th-stop or 1-stop increments. The XMS500 is also fully compatible with a dedicated 2.4GHz radio remote and trigger systems.

Bowens XMS500 Flash Head specs

Rated energy: 500Ws
Power range (f-stops): 9-stops
Power range (Ws): 2Ws – 500Ws
Power adjustments: 1/10-stop
Recycle time: 0.9s to full 500Ws
Flash modes: M, MLT, TTL
Flash sync: High-Speed-Sync (up to 1/8000 sec), 1st curtain sync, 2nd curtain sync
Dimensions (L x W x H): 407mm 169mm x 137mm
Weight: 3.7Kg

Wex Photo Video has confirmed future products will include the XE, described as a more basic solution at a lower price point to the XMS, as well as the XMT II, XMS1000, and a range of light-shaping accessories. All Bowens products also come with a two-year warranty as standard.

Bowens, which was owned by Aurelius Group along with its sales partner Calumet, went into liquidation in 2017 after 94 years of trading. Calumet was subsequently merged with Wex Photo Video, which was still known as Wex Photographic at the time. Wex Photo Video subsequently acquired the Bowens trademark.

At the time, Bowens cited “new, considerably less expensive products by Chinese manufacturers, product innovations by competitors, and the changed buying behavior of professional photographers” as reasons for its demise. A statement on the new range confirms that prices will be “lower than before”.

The XMS500 will be available to order from April 29, and it’s set to be available on its own and in kit configurations. Head over to Wex Photo Video website for more details.


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