Nintendo Labo Kits on Switch drop to £30 ahead of Black Friday

Update: Price now increased to £40…

Update: Sadly, ShopTo has now increased the price of the Variety Kit up to £40 instead. The next best price is £34.79 at Amazon. Still better than the recommended price, but not as good a deal as it was a few hours ago. We’ll keep an eye on these to see if they’re reduced again any time soon.

Original story: If you missed the cardboard craze last year, now’s a pretty good time to jump in with Nintendo Labo, as both the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit have been heavily discounted over on ShopTo in the lead-up to Black Friday.

Either would undoubtedly have your child beaming on Christmas morning; plus they would leave less of a dent in your current account at their current price. The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit are available at £29.85 each, which is a saving of approximately £70 if you pick up both.

If you’re not aware, the Variety Kit allows you to cobble together a number of cardboard playthings such as a motorbike and a piano, while the Robot Kit has you building and playing with, well, robots. When we reviewed Nintendo Labo back in April of last year, we called it “a mash of Lego and origami that is wholesome and unique,” and why wouldn’t you want that in your house, quite frankly?

There are some cracking Nintendo Switch deals floating around already and we expect plenty more to pop up over the next week. Currys PC World has an outstanding Switch and Pokémon bundle available for £279. If you have a great dislike for docking, you can get a Switch Lite and Pokémon bundle over on Amazon for £219.99.

Keep an eye on our Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals hub page for all the best Switch-related bargains that are out there. If you want to check out what Microsoft and Sony are up to over the next week or so, head on over to the PlayStation page for the best PS4 Black Friday deals, or the Xbox Black Friday page if you’re in the market for an Xbox One X.

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