Overwatch’s levitating Snowball toy costs an eye-watering $175

You can now pre-order a collectible version of Mei’s cutesy companion from the Blizzard Gear store, for a bank-busting $175 (or £157.50)

Granted, you’ll be getting a fair amount for your money. Snowball certainly looks the part having been “designed and sculpted by Blizzard”, but the main highlight is the way it floats in mid-air thanks to a nifty magnetic base.

Snowball’s also got an LCD screen which comes complete with facial expressions ranging from a cheeky winky face to all loved up. The base itself isn’t just one big magnetic slate either, but acts as neat USB charging station which features a pulsating snowflake when topping up Snowball’s energy levels.

When you receive your adorable Snowball figurine, Blizzard warns you don’t go popping it near any devices that’ll be affected by a strong magnetic field. Anyone with a pacemaker would also do best to pass up on this toy. Levitation may look cool, but it comes at a cost.

This isn’t the only expensive toy featured on Blizzard’s store. There’s a $200 scale version of Genji’s sword up for grabs alongside an outrageously expensive D.Va statue that’ll set you back a staggering $450. Who needs to pay rent anyway, eh?

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