Oxenfree crosses over into OlliOlli World’s latest DLC

In a crossover that no one saw coming, adventure game Oxenfree and indie skater OlliOlli are coming together with the release of a brand-new DLC for OlliOlli World.

Void Raiders is a free expansion where players find themselves skating through levels dressed as Alex from Oxenfree and performing tricks to an all-new remix of the song Beacon Beach.

All players need to do is enter the postcode MV32FR33 in OlliOlli World’s Portal Mode.

Expect to see more OlliOlli World DLC at the end of the year, while we all await a firm release date for Oxenfree’s sequel, Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. You can check out Eurogamer’s preview here.

And if you haven’t already checked out OlliOlli World, the game received Eurogamer’s coveted Essential badge during its release in March.

“OlliOlli World is the latest and wildest entry in a sublime series of 2D skateboarding games,” wrote Christian Donlan in his review. Go To Source

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