Rainbow Six Siege cheaters are forcing chickens onto people’s feeds

Rainbow Six Siege has received its fair share of cheaters over the years, but I have never seen anything quite like this new strategy.

Hackers have exploited the ban feed, which alerts players when someone has committed a bannable offence, to display images on other players’ screens.

The images being displayed by hackers range from the light-hearted to very much not-safe-for-work.

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On the more hilarious side, a squawking chicken has been appearing in key moments for some players. Check out the gameplay clip from streamer Athieno below:

But some have been more serious, depicting nudity and extreme acts of violence. This is problematic for streamers because showing such content can result in a ban.

Ubisoft has reportedly disabled the ban feed while it fixes the exploit, but there is a client-side solution where players can disable the ban feed from their HUD through settings.

Ubisoft, for its part, has consistently updated Rainbow Six Siege’s anti-cheat measures since the game’s launch seven years ago. Its latest update, dubbed QB, was intended to be the most effective yet.

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