Samsung Galaxy S23 colors: every rumored shade, including the S23 Plus and Ultra

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A new year means a new series of Samsung Galaxy S phones, and with them a new selection of colors. But Samsung seems to be doing things slightly differently with the Samsung Galaxy S23 line compared to previous years.

With the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, we saw one set of colors for the S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus, and another set for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but with the S23 series, leaks suggest that all three phones will be available in the same shades.

So below, you’ll find all the shades we’ve heard rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S23 line, with all of the most likely options expected for every phone.

Cotton Flower

A leaked render of the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra in Cotton Flower

(Image credit: Samsung / SnoopyTech)

One shade that we’ve heard mentioned is Cotton Flower, which based on leaked images, such as the one above, is probably a cream or off-white shade. We’ve elsewhere heard beige mentioned, which is probably also referring to this.

Multiple sources have mentioned a color along these lines and leaked images have shown this shade, strongly suggesting that this will be one of the options.

It’s not the most inspiring finish, going by the images we’ve seen, but then white always seems to be a popular color regardless, and this might be the closest the Samsung Galaxy S23 series gets to that.

This also looks to be different to any Samsung Galaxy S22 shade – there was a cream color offered there, but that was more yellow. The S22 series is also available in a pure white.

Misty Lilac

Misty Lilac appears to be a fancy name for pink, going by leaked imagery which you can see above. This shade has also been mentioned mulitple times, so it’s likely to be offered at launch.

It looks to be a very light pink that’s even paler and more understated than the Pink Gold shade the Samsung Galaxy S22 can be had in. So, this too is a shade the current models aren’t available in.

Botanic Green

We’ve also heard multiple mentions of a green shade, with one source claiming this is called Botanic Green, and sharing images of how it might look.

This is a bit more interesting and unusual than the previous two options, but may also prove less popular as a result. It looks vaguely similar to the green Galaxy S22 shade, but a little lighter and paler.

Phantom Black

A leaked render of the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra in black

(Image credit: Samsung / SnoopyTech)

Phantom Black is a classic Samsung shade that we’ve seen before. It’s also just black, which is one of the most popular and common smartphone finishes in general.

Of course, there’s more than one type of black, and this one appears to be a quite muted, pale black going by the leaked imagery.

It’s another color that we’ve heard mention of multiple times, so coupled with what a popular choice this is, it’s one we’d expect to see.

Light Gold / Pink Gold

The four colors above currently seem like the shades we’ll most likely see, but at least one source has also mentioned that there might be a Light Gold or Pink Gold option.

Now, there’s a pink color above, so they could be referring to that, but leaked images don’t suggest there’s anything gold about that one, so this could be something different. We wouldn’t count on seeing it though if so, as it hasn’t been widely mentioned.


Leaked dummy units of the Galaxy S23 series

(Image credit: SlashLeaks / LeakSpinner)

White isn’t a color that we’ve heard mentioned by name for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, but one leak showed dummy units of the three phones in a white shade, which appears different to the Cotton Flower color above.

So we can’t rule this color out, but we’re also a lot less convinced we’ll see this compared to other rumored shades.

Other possible shades

While the colors above are all the specific shades we’ve heard about, one source has said that there might be additional shades that are exclusive to Samsung’s stores.

That wouldn’t be unusual for the company so it’s believable, and it’s here that we might see some variation in the color options for each model, with perhaps some Galaxy S23 Ultra shades that the other two phones can’t be had in, and vice versa.

It’s unclear what shades these might be – unless they’re the lesser rumored Light Gold or White options above – but there are loads of possibilities. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is available in all sorts of colors that Samsung could pick from; including Sky Blue, Burgundy, Red, Violet, and other options.

Of course, the company equally choose something from an older model, or new shades that it hasn’t offered before.


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