Sea of Thieves latest stream mishap features vomiting monkey

Better out than in.

“Never work with children or animals” – an age old showbiz rule the Sea of Thieves developers learned the hard way yesterday, after getting puked on by a monkey in the middle of a livestream.

After Drew Stevens, senior producer on Sea of Thieves, took a moment to talk about the return of aggressive skeleton ships, livestream guest star Antonio the monkey showed his distaste for the idea by puking on community video manager Jon McFarlane.

If you have the desire to watch a monkey throwing up on a game developer this morning (which you should, because it’s very funny, and McFarlane takes it all in very good humour), the moment you’re looking for starts at around 27:45 in the video below:

“That’s unfortunate,” commented Sea of Thieves boss Joe Neate, before bursting out laughing and offering to wipe the monkey vomit off of his coworker’s face.

This Sea of Thieves Preview Stream discussed a bunch of the new features coming to game this week, the most notable of which being the long-awaited pets and the microtransaction store, the Pirate Emporium, which Matt Wales explained in full detail last night.

The Sea of Thieves devs don’t seem to have the best luck on their streams, but at least Antonio is feeling better now.

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