Spider-Man 2 will let you bump into the other Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 players may bump into Peter or Miles during their adventures in New York, developer Insomniac Games has revealed.

The feature was confirmed by associate animation director James Ham in an interview with Gamertag Radio.

The ability to switch between Peter and Miles is a new addition for this sequel and switching characters will be “almost” instantaneous. But what happens to the other character that you’re not controlling in the open world?

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Eurogamer’s hands-on impressions of Spider-Man 2.Watch on YouTube

The answer is they don’t disappear, but can actually be found and about doing whatever a Spider-Man does! “There are times where you can be swinging throughout the city,” Ham revealed, “and you can see the other Spider-Man sometimes actively doing something or stopping a crime”. When this happens, you’ll be able to join in and help out. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

The inverse is also possible – if you’re in the middle of dealing with some criminals, the other Spider-Man may turn up to assist you. “It’s a cool experience to be able to play with both Peter and Miles in this way,” Ham said. I think it’d be a nice touch if you could also get Peter and Miles to do the Spider-Man pointing meme whenever they spot each other, too.

We’re just a month away from the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Insomniac is continuing to drop more information on the hotly anticipated game. Ray tracing is on for all different graphical performance settings, and new screenshots of the game released last week showed its recreation of New York.

Aoife has been hands-on with the spidey sequel, and you can read her thoughts on the experience in our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 preview.

Danny Peña and Parris Lilly’s Spider-Man 2 interview in full. Skip to 15:20 to see James Ham talk about free-roaming Spider-Men.

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