Stealth horror Maid of Sker’s follow-up is a four-player co-op survival FPS

Prepare to be Sker-d in Q2 2022.

Wales Interactive has revealed that it’s following up its first-person stealth horror, Maid of Sker, with a four-player co-op FPS set in the same universe: Sker Ritual.

As yet there’s no confirmed release date for the co-operative horror, but the listing on the Steam store suggests we’ll get to explore Sker Ritual on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X in Q2 2022.

“The FPS co-op action horror and spiritual successor to the award-winning occult horror, Maid of Sker. Play solo or up to four players to survive the onslaught and supernatural menace of the Quiet Ones,” explains the description that accompanies the brief video teaser (and I do mean brief – at 15 seconds long, it doesn’t give away much).

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Given the slow, steady pace of predecessor Maid of Sker that emphasised stealth, not combat, it’s a curious development from Wales Interactive – here’s hoping we find out more about it sooner rather than later.

Although a tad unadventurous at times, I thought Maid of Sker was an effective horror when I reviewed it earlier this year.

“In truth, there’s little here that innovates or improves on a well-worn formula, and in many ways, Maid of Sker is a by-rote indie horror that does little to surprise the player or push the genre forward,” I wrote at the time. “That said, while I can’t pretend I enjoyed the agonising stealth and combat mechanics, I can’t deny that despite its flaws, I enjoyed exploring Sker Hotel and uncovering its intriguing tale.”

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