Surreal ‘Road-Lite’ Driving Survival Game Pacific Drive Gets February Launch Date

After suffering a delay to next year, we now know that the driving-focused roguelite survival game Pacific Drive is arriving on February 22.

The news comes courtesy of today’s PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted. Pacific Drive is a first-person adventure that unfolds in a surreal version of the Pacific Northwest. Players drive a station wagon to explore a forest filled with supernatural threats related to a government agency’s experiments gone wrong. Check out a recent story trailer below.  

[embedded content]

As a run-based game, the world shifts with every trip into the forest, and the only thing keeping you alive is your trusty vehicle, which you’ll repair, reinforce, and modify using materials found while exploring the unsettling landscapes. Your car will need to stay up to snuff in order to withstand dangers such as the Zone Storm, a recurring maelstrom that obliterates everything in its path, meaning players will have to outrun it to stay alive. 

Pacific Drive will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC. For more on the game, you can check out our extended preview of the game here.

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