The Long Dark details huge paid Survival mode expansion, out in December

Hinterland Studio’s superb snowy survival adventure The Long Dark is getting its first paid expansion on 5th December and, ahead of release, the developer has detailed all it’ll bring.

Tales from the Far Territory, as the new expansion is known, releases in six parts over the course of 12 months, each arriving approximately every 8-10 weeks. All six parts will focus on The Long Dark’s much-loved Survival mode, but there are narrative elements in there and Hinterland is referring to the complete series as a “campaign”.

Exactly what will be coming when is currently unclear, but Hinterland has now detailed all the major features it’ll be introducing to Survival mode throughout the expansion. There are three new areas, for instance – the Forsaken Airfield, Industrial Mine, and Mountain Pass – all accessible via the Far Range Branchline and Transfer Pass hub.

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