The Sims 4 does messy bathrooms and sexy pants in next two DLC Kit packs

The ever-expanding Sims 4 continues its ever-expansion with official word of two new Kit packs arriving tomorrow, 19th January, this time focusing on messy bathrooms and sexy underpants.

Additional bathroom clutter comes courtesy of The Sims 4’s sensibly titled Bathroom Clutter Kit, which promises to embrace the “mess of daily life”. It’s not all about chaos though; EA says to expect everything from “cute wall decals for kids to grandma’s dentures”, with enough scope among its addition to create an “elegant retreat” as well as an untameable toiletry explosions.

“Whether you want to leave makeup and combs scattered on the counter or give your Sims some additional drawers to keep them tidy,” it explains, “the choice is yours with this collection, featuring bathroom decor for all ages.”

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