The Sims 4 players can now vote on the themes for its next few Kit expansions

EA is dabbling in a spot of democracy by throwing caution to the wind and letting The Sims 4 players decide what they want to see in some upcoming DLC.

Perhaps thankfully (I say this as someone who spends a lot of time on The Sims 4 subreddits), this isn’t a free-for-all, and voters must operate within some extremely rigid parameters.

EA is specifically canvassing players to decide on the themes of two upcoming Kit packs, one focused around Create-a-Sim fashion and the other around building.

The Sims 4’s more recent major expansion, Growing Together, launched in March.

On the fashion front, it wants to know if Rainbow Core (a “playful aesthetic featuring nostalgic, youthful designs, and pops of colour”) or good old-fashioned Goth wear – with all its “modern mesh and lace detail, dark dramatic makeup, and edgy accessories” – should win out.

Concept are for Rainbow Core and Goth Fashion.

As for building themes, the choice is between Medieval Castle (“brick walls, battlements, and leaded glass windows in old stone”) and High Tech Futurism, with its “sleek metal exteriors and glowing accents that make a perfect home for any Sim visiting from another planet”.

Concept art for Medieval Castle and High Tech Futurism.

If you too are as weirdly invested in the plight of your tiny digital charges, their wardrobes, and their home furnishings as I am (goth, high tech futurism, if you’re wondering) then you’ve got until 22nd May at 3am BST/21st May at 7pm PT to cast your votes.

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