VMware launches new VeloCloud SASE to help tie together all your edge infrastructure

VMware is harking back to the past for the launch of its new SASE offering at Mobile World Congress 2024.

The company has unveiled VMware VeloCloud SASE, a single-vendor SASE solution bringing together VeloCloud SD-WAN, and Symantec SSE.

VMware acquired VeloCloud back in 2017, and originally phased out the company’s branding some years later, but has now brought it back as it launches a new SASE product.

VeloCloud SASE return

Revealing the news in a pre-brief ahead of MWC 2024, Abe Ankumah, Broadcom’s Head of SD-WAN, Software-Defined Edge Division, noted that the launch would help allow customers to modernize their underlying infrastructure whilst also monetizing new services.

He added that VMware’s approach to the software-designed edge has to focus on enabling a right-size infrastructure (in terms of shrinking the tech stack), zero-touch orchestration (as edge locations are increasingly distributed, and not always constantly online), and network programmability (looking at a need to be agile and flexible where needed).

Ankumah added that the motivation behind re-introducing the VeloCloud brand came because a lot of its customers and partners still refer to VMware existing offerings as VeloCloud, despite the brand being previously hidden away.

“The customer is always right – so we’re going to reflect that, and bring back the brand,” he laughed.

“The number of new use cases we’re able to open up…bears the full-strength of everything we’re doing in the software-defined edge,” he added.

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