You can now fight this knock-off Terminator in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online’s Los Santos Tuners update launched last week, and with it came a number of Easter eggs.

As spotted by the GTA Series Videos YouTube channel, one of the cooler ones of the bunch is the chance to fight off a Terminator look-alike with an enormous amount of health.

Once you purchase and set up an auto shop that’s now available in the update, you’ll have access to a number of contracts. In the Prison Contract, pick the Access Point mission, where you’ll be tasked with stealing a stunt ramp for a film set.

At the set, you’ll find an NPC with a distinctive leather jacket, sunglasses, and a shotgun. You’ll also find two other NPCs based on Sarah Connor and James Cameron.

Occasionally, the mission will direct you to a film set in the Los Santos storm drain, a clear homage to the truck chase scene from Terminator 2.

The latest update has seen a positive response from the community, with Rockstar claiming that “more players joined GTA Online for the launch of Los Santos Tuners than any update ever”. It added the ability for players to customise and show off each other’s cars in a shared space, brand new cars that are more customisable than standard cars, as well as six new contracts.

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