Black Friday monitor deals 2022: early deals live now

Black Friday monitor deals have been coming in droves and there have been some serious discounts so far. There are still plenty of deals to come, however. So far, our predictions have been coming true, with tons of deals around the 15-20% range and the rare few of 30% and more.

Black Friday 2022 officially starts on November 25, though plenty of holiday deals have already dropped with big retailers. These deals are usually just as good as the ones that go live on the big day, which is great for bargain hunters as you can find the perfect deal while avoiding the last-minute scramble of Black Friday itself.

This is supported by a recent report by Adobe (opens in new tab) that examined price changes for holiday shopping in 2021 and found that prices drop sharply at the beginning of November, kept low throughout the month, and rose again during December.

Though many of these price cuts for the best monitors have begun and will continue to happen for the rest of the month, some simply won’t receive a discount for various reasons while other sales come as a pleasant surprise. 

And we’ll ensure you get the best deals as we continue through November including which monitors are likely to go on sale, the best deals in general, and which retailers have the best offers.




Should you wait for a Black Friday monitor deal?

Black Friday is almost here and an important question to ask is: should you wait until the day of to buy a monitor? The answer is a bit more complex since monitor prices drop significantly during November.

If it’s possible for you to wait, then waiting around until Black Friday would be a great way to capitalize on a great bargain that’s sure to save you tons of money. You’ll most likely also find that you can get more powerful monitors with better specs than the ones on sale on the market right now, which is beneficial since better specs mean a longer-lasting product.

However, PCs, especially now in this work-from-home economy, are incredibly vital to many households and some people can’t afford to wait so long for a monitor. If that’s the case, then definitely invest in one right now, as there are tons of great deals out there even if they don’t match the price drops of Black Friday.


When will the best Black Friday monitor deals start in 2022?

Black Friday will be on November 25 this year and, as per tradition, we expect to see some excellent sales before then. Traditionally the best discounts have been on the day itself and though that’s still generally true, recent years have seen an increase in retailers launching Black Friday pricing earlier, for instance at the start of Thanksgiving week if not before.

Even before that week, there are plenty of sales in the month leading up to the special day, with some as early as October. Based on last year’s deals, some of them can be either nearly or even equal to the deals on and around Black Friday. And that’s a pattern that should repeat itself this year.

In 2021, many retailers like Dell, Amazon, and Best Buy launched early Black Friday monitor deals at the start of November, which has already repeated itself so far in November 2022. So definitely make sure to keep an eye out for them.

A chart from Adobe showing computer prices dropping nearly 15% in the month of November 2021

Computer prices start dropping in October, with the lowest prices coming in the entire month of November, according to Adobe. (Image credit: Adobe)

Where will the best Black Friday monitor deals be?

wide selection of home and gaming monitors (opens in new tab)
Best Buy:
regular discounts on 4K, curved and low latency displays (opens in new tab)
best for gaming monitors (opens in new tab)
good selection of cheap and budget-friendly screens (opens in new tab)
large, premium, 4K and curved displays (opens in new tab)

large selection and variety of monitor deals (opens in new tab)
clearance sales on older but still good models (opens in new tab)
Currys: affordable office displays and gaming monitors available (opens in new tab)
Dell: best for premium displays from Alienware (opens in new tab)
Ebuyer: good mix of fast gaming displays and large screens for work (opens in new tab)

How can I get the best monitor Black Friday deals?

A monitor displaying a photo of a city

(Image credit: Future / BenQ)

What specs should I look for when buying a monitor on Black Friday?

One of the most things to be aware of as you search for monitor sales on Black Friday is that retailers are trying to push off old stock. This means that you might come across what looks to be a great deal, only to find out later that the monitor is several years old with outdated specs. Of course, that doesn’t make it useless, as most monitors are still perfectly usable.

Keep in mind that monitors at the very least should be 1080p resolution which is the bare minimum HD resolution, preferably 4k if you can afford it but 1080p is still perfectly fine. From there, your needs will vary based on what kind of work you need your monitor for.

For instance, if you do professional work like photography or video editing, you’ll need a monitor with color spaces that allow for proper color correction. At least as high as DCI-P3 98% color gamut support, since this ensures that any other monitor viewing that professional material will see images and video in its proper colors across the board. Brightness is also an important factor for image color quality and accuracy as well, with the higher number being better. 200nits and above is a great starting place.

Meanwhile, for gaming monitors, the two most important factors other than resolution are refresh rate and response time. For the former, the higher the number the better since it represents the number of times per second that the image refreshes on the screen. Refresh rates of 144Hz and above are particularly good.

The latter needs to have as low as a possible number, as it represents the amount of time it takes to shift from one color to another, with lower numbers meaning a much sharper and clearer image. A response time of 1ms is especially great for gaming and is what you want to strive for.

What about Black Friday gaming monitor deals?

If you’re purchasing a professional monitor, then a DCI-P3 98% color gamut support with a suite of color spaces like Adobe RGB, sRGB, Rec. 709 are vital to ensure the highest and most accurate color and image quality. For a gaming monitor, having a high refresh rate and a low response time is important for a smooth and responsive gaming session.

If you’re looking for monitors at cheaper prices, be aware that some manufacturers may cut corners with certain other specs in order to lower that price. For instance, one of the inexpensive monitors on sale last year has a subpar sound quality to balance out the other high specs like 4k resolution. For more advice, take a look at our Black Friday monitor deals page.

  • Black Friday monitor deals are happening right now, and you can save a good chunk of money with the best cheap monitor deals.


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