Encased is the next Epic Games Store free game

As expected, Encased is the next Epic Games Store free game. You can download it for free now until 4pm UK time tomorrow, 24th December.

Encased is a 2021 post-apocalyptic isometric role-playing game developed by Dark Crystal Games and inspired by Fallout and Wasteland. Fitting then, that it replaces Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics as part of Epic’s 15 Days of Christmas free game giveaway.

Here’s the official blurb on Encased:

“A tactical sci-fi RPG set in an alternative 1970s, where an enormous and inexplicable artefact – the Dome – is discovered in a remote desert. Fight enemies, explore the anomalous wasteland, level up your character, join one of the forces in the ruined world.”

This video provdes a good look at what Encased is all about.

I haven’t played Encased, but it’s got a “mostly positive” user review on Steam, so it looks like a decent shout.

Continuing Epic’s promotion, a new game will be made available to download for free from the Epic Games Store at 4pm tomorrow.

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