Eurogamer is giving away Castlevania Anniversary Collection to its premium supporters – here’s how to get your key

We’re making some small tweaks to our supporter program here at Eurogamer – more of which you can read about here – and as part of that we’ve got 250 Castlevania Anniversary Collection keys for our premium members with annual subscriptions.

The Castlevania Anniversary Collection brings together eight stone-cold classics from the early days of Konami’s beloved series, from the original NES outing through to the muscular Mega Drive offshoot Castlevania: Bloodlines with room for proper curios like Kid Dracula along the way.

The collection bears the marks of an M2 production, with crisp emulation and some very welcome extras, including an in-depth look at some of the original design documents. I was quite keen on it all when it first launched back in 2019. Konami followed it all up with the equally excellent Castlevania Advance Collection, which compiles the series’ GBA run as well as the much-loved Castlevania: Dracula X.

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