First trailer released for League of Legends esports mockumentary, Players

A trailer has been released for the forthcoming esports mockumentary, Players.

From the creators of American Vandal, it follows a fictional League of Legends pro team aiming to win its first world championship. Team Fugitive is led by star player Creamcheese, but he clashes with the young prodigy Organizm.

The series will be released on Paramount Plus on 16th June. You can check out the trailer below.

While this isn’t an official Riot Games production, its involvement is clear due to official League of Legends footage used in the series, as well as the inclusion of various pro players and casters.

The trailer was also shared by the official League of Legends esports account.

Esports documentary maker Gbay99 also tweeted his involvement in the series (thanks PC Gamer).

“A tonne of effort on this show went into putting together an accurate portrayal of what Pro LoL has actually been like over the years,” he said. “Also it’s funny as fuck.”

We shall see when it’s released next month.

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