Here’s a Dead Space first-person mod to make things even scarier

There’s a new first-person mod for the original Dead Space, which raises the classic sci-fi survival horror’s scares to a whole new level.

When I initially saw this mod, I questioned its value. Dead Space has one of the cleanest HUDs of any game, and its ability to view Isaac Clarke’s health and Stasis module via the back of his suit remains inspired.

That said, a first-person view – where you are unable to see enemies approach from behind and have to mentally keep track of damage – is surely even scarier.

Digital Foundry’s Dead Space remake tech review.

After all, Isaac Clarke can’t see behind him. How does he keep track of his health, if his suit’s spinal guage thingy is stuck on his back? The same way you’ll have to with this mod, I bet, by spamming health packs until they won’t heal you any more.

This mod is the work of Reverse Engineering Gamer, and is available to download from Nexus Mods – though it’s worth reiterating again this is for the original Dead Space and not its recent excellent remake.

Reverse Engineering Gamer’s Dead Space first-person mod.

“The core of this mod took a little over five days to create,” they wrote. “The fine tuning of this mod is what took several months; to locate functions, compare variables, stabilise pointers, write bug free scripts, play-test, etc.

“Although initially started out of curiosity as to see what else I can do other than create a free cam and player fly mod for Dead Space (2008), this quickly grew into a first-person mod project.”

What’s next for Dead Space? Well, EA recently surveyed fans to know if they were interested in a Dead Space 2 or 3 remake too.

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