Here’s Lost Ark’s early 2023 roadmap

Amazon and Smilegate have revealed “part one” of Lost Ark’s 2023 roadmap.

Following December’s Wreck the Halls Update, we’ve now been given an early peek at “what’s arriving in early 2023” for the people of Arkesia.

Lost Ark: Wreck the Halls | December Update.

The update has been divided into months for ease of access, and confirms that along with January’s Witcher Event, there’s also a quality-of-life update with unspecified improvements to guild systems, guild PvP, and Una’s Tasks.

February marks the game’s first anniversary and to celebrate, you’ll get to visit – and fight over – the Rowen continent, albeit only if you’ve hit item level 1445. At the end of the Rowen world quests, “a faction can be chosen for open-world PvP”.

In March, we’re getting a new type of PvP activity, the Tulubik Battlefield, which introduces 48 v 48 players and a battle for bases, secondary objectives, and “dozens of players to fight on the other team”, as well as another “major batch” of QoL updates and balance changes.

Finally (for now anyway), in April a new advanced class will be introduced – The Artist – as well as Brelshaza Hard Mode and the Hanumatan Guardian Raid.

“The Artist is capable of tactical versatility with illusion powers from her brush, and specialises in supporting her team,” Smilegate explains, confirming that their class identity is Moonfall and Sunrise.

“With her magical brush and flowing ink, the Artist can either choose to attack foes directly or summon holy beasts by painting them. While the Artist’s attack power is on the low side, she is capable of providing strong support to allies, and rescuing them from peril with her illusion powers— making her a welcome member of any party.”

As for what’s beyond April?

“We’re excited to witness players experience the unique events, explore new parts of Arkesia, battle in new PvP game modes, and prepare for the challenging Brelshaza Hard Mode experience over the coming months,” the team teases. “In the meantime, stay tuned to our website, social channels, and the release notes for the full list of new content, store updates, events, bug-fixes, and more over the coming months.”

Lost Ark’s festive Wreck the Halls update is now live. As well as ushering in the Summoner Advanced class – which brings a “powerful variety of water, lightning, earth, and more unique attacks” to the MMORPG – we’ll also meet the “cunning and ruthless” Phantom Legion Commander and get a new Guardian raid that takes on Caliligos, “the master of lightning”, too.

And don’t forget that that aforementioned host of familiar faces from The Witcher are headed to Lost Ark, including Geralt, Yennefer, Triss, Dandelion and Ciri. Players in Lost Ark’s home country of South Korea can play this crossover now, while those elsewhere will get to explore the area in January 2023.

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