Remembering MediEvil on its 20th birthday

MediEvil is 20 years old today.

Remember this?

The PlayStation classic launched in Europe on 8th October 1998.

Developed by Sony’s now defunct Cambridge studio, MediEvil was an off-kilter adventure game set in a medieval kingdom starring a skeletal corpse called Sir Daniel Fortesque, a sort of anti-hero who was on a redemption quest while fending off an invasion by an evil sorcerer called Zarok.

MediEvil caught the eye for its The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired visuals, but I always found the controls and camera pretty cumbersome. Dan could rip his arm off and use it to beat up his enemies, which was nice. It looked like this:

At PlayStation Experience 2017, Sony announced a MediEvil remaster for PlayStation 4, but we’ve heard nothing since. How’s it getting on, Sony?

Did you play MediEvil back in the day? What are your memories of it?

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